Research Paper Revision Plan

Create a Plan of Action for revising your research papers, taking into account especially my comments on your first draft.

Preparation: Reviewing Feedback

Your plan of action must respond to both the general feedback you have received throughout the semester and my specific feedback on the first draft of the research paper. To prepare, do the following:

  • Copy and paste all of the end notes from your graded papers into one document. Look for patterns. What keeps popping up? What do you consistently do well and where do you need to improve? Make a list of your main areas of difficulty. Use the below categories to guide your thinking:
    • Thesis and argument: Generating ideas; Developing ideas; Specificity; Controversy
    • Organization and structure: Focusing ideas; Arranging paragraphs; Claims; Evidence; Analysis
    • Finding or using textual evidence: Blending quotes; MLA formatting
    • Literary devices: Literary analysis; Deepening Analysis:
      Writing style: Clarity; Flow; Awkardness; Wordiness

Assignment: Write a Revision Plan

From your preparation, choose three main areas of difficulty that you plan to tackle, or are already tackling, as you continue to revise your paper.

For each area of difficulty, explain the issue as it applies to your writing, and then how you plan to improve. Make sure you directly address at least some of my feedback in your first draft, and how you will incorporate that feedback into your revision. You should have about 3-5 sentences for each area of difficulty—at least one sentence for identifying the issue, another for how the issue specifically appears in your writing, and another for how you plan to resolve the issue.

Submit the Revision Plan through the form below, by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 29th.